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Members of the GenPORT team at the 2nd annual project meeting, ColognePortia attended the second annual project meeting of our current FP7 project GenPORT: Your gateway to gender and science resources. The meeting was kindly hosted by our consortium partner, Gesis - Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften e.V. (Germany) in Cologne. GenPORT is an FP7 SiS project developing online community of practitioners, served by an internet portal and made up of organisations and individuals working across the globe for gender equality and excellence in science, technology & innovation. We were delighted to have the input of members of the Gender & Science Advisory Group, Professor Teresa Rees CBE AcSS and Professor Renata Siemienska-Zochowska at the meeting. The GenPORT project will be hosting at session at the Knowledge Exchange Forum at this Gender Summit 4 EU. Find out more on the Gender Summit website.

15 May 2014