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The Gender Equality Unit of the University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain) has developed the Gender & Science Networking Database. It is an on line free access resource available here. The Database identifies 1284 entities working  at different global regions (Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America) to promote gender equality inside and outside universities. 479 are Research Centers on Gender Studies or Gender Equality Units at universities, but there are also other public or private entities and organizations from the Third Sector.   Moreover, the resource offers detailed information of 154 entities committed to gender equality, including Portia. By means of a survey, these entities have shown some kind of interest in network cooperation on this field. Consequently, they have decided to disseminate their identification and contact data, fields of action, organizational features, and their availability and interests for network cooperation in different fields oriented to promote gender equality inside and outside scientific institutions. Each entity is linked to a fact-sheet describing its characteristics and interests. The initiative is a result of the Project Development and participation in networks for cooperation in the promotion of gender equality in science among Canarian, Spanish, European, Latin American and African universities, granted to the Gender Equality Unit of the University of La Laguna by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality and the European Social Fund. The Database is aimed to contribute to create and consolidate networks for cooperation among entities from different countries and sectors, in order to facilitate synergies towards the fulfillment of real gender equality in science, at universities and in society at large. 
14 November 2013