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Gender Summit 3 - North America logoThe Gender Summit 3 - North America was held in Washington DC on the 13-15 November, attracting 650 attendees from 35 countries. During the very successful event, 150 speakers in 30 sessions, experts from across a variety of disciplines, sectors and nations, shared and discussed recent research, new practices, and gaps in knowledge. These discussions provided the material for the GS3NA Roadmap for Action for North America, which will define the plan of action for North America, and provide a model for other regions. One speaker summarised the event “I felt that I learned so much. There appears to be a revolution in people's conceptualization of sex/gender.  Like all human constructs it is changing... The summit really changed my thoughts. For that I am very grateful.  Thank you for a wonderful summit."  The European-North American exchange initiated during the 1st Gender Summit, was further solidified by the announcement of a transnational collaboration between the National Science Foundation and the European Commission made by Dominique Ristori, Director General, Directorate General Joint Research Centre, European Commission, Europe. Other highlights included the announcement of a Gender Summit Africa to be held in 2015, under the leadership of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), South Africa. Portia is the architect of the Gender Summits, responsible for overseeing the underlying vision and conceptual development. Portia's Director, Dr Elizabeth Pollitzer, said "we were delighted to have the opportunity to transfer our European work to the North American context. Co-convening the Gender Summit 3 North America with major funders from across North America highlighted the benefits of regional collaboration through the Gender Summits and we are looking forward to taking this experience to other regions of the world as well as taking some lessons back home to Europe. We are very pleased with the outcomes and ongoing work that has come out of the GS3NA and look forward to building on this positive work in Europe in 2014".

18 November 2013