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Robert Bosch Foundation logoPortia is partnering with Fraunhofer Gesellschaft on a new project funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation. We are are examining more than 1000 entries of the excellent women scientists and engineers included in the AcademiaNet database to identify patterns in their career development paths and career decision stratagems they have used to make progress in their careers. Established as the initiative of the Robert Bosch Foundation, Academia Net aims to act as a prime resource for finding high-level candidates for leading job roles, expert panels, or committees.  Each individual accepted to Academia Net has to be nominated by a top-level science institution.  Consequently, the database represents an important source of exemplars of potential role models.  By analyzing and comparing their career profiles, we will extract information about the choices that can be made to successfully navigate the science and employment landscape in which careers develop and can thrive.

18 June 2013