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Dr Pollitzer in South Korea, Gendered Innovation Forum Dr Elizabeth Pollitzer has spent a week with our Gender Summit - Asia Pacific lead partner, WISET, in South Korea planning the event and visiting various stakeholders in the capital, Seoul. WISET (the Korea Advanced Institute of Women in Science, Engineering and Technology) convened a Gendered Innovation Forum under the theme "Science and Technology Innovation through Gender" as well as a busy schedule of meetings where Elizabeth introduced the topic of the gender dimension in science, updated the audience on work in the area in Europe and shared Portia's activities, including the Gender Summits. The Gender Summit - Asia Pacific will be held in Seoul in September 2015 at the South Korea National Assembly. WISET are the regional leader of the event that will also see involvement of key organisations from Japan, Taiwan, Australia and China. Many of the region's economies have based their successful economic growth on the knowledge economy and STEM sectors. Yet this growth is hampered by the often chronic under utilisation of their highly educated women. The Summit will explore ways in which this gender imbalance can be addressed in the region and the opportunities for improved science knowledge making and innovation this will afford. Moreover the Summit will focus on gender dimension in science, the inclusion of sex and gender considerations research design and practice, sharing the latest advances and evidence on the topic. Find out more about the Gender Summits here.

15 April 2014