Portia Ltd designs and implements effective, evidence-based strategies for advancing quality of research and innovation through gender. Our work covers gender equality issues in STEM and gender dimension in the content, process and impact of science (STEM) endeavours. 

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Portia and Elsevier Foundation launch new partnership on Gender Summit

Rachel Herbert of Elsevier speaking about Extracting STEM gender indicators from published sources at the GS9EuBuilding on a long time collaboration with Elsevier on “Scenario Building for Early Career Researchers” and Portia’s driving role in the Gender Summits, this new partnership will enable Portia to advance sex-gender sensitive research, innovation, development and deeper understanding through a series of annual SDG reports and the creation of a Gender Summit Consortium.  The consortium will aim to engage the Gender Summit community to map trends and indicators to promote the adoption and measure the impact of gender sensitive approaches in research, innovation and development. Elsevier and The Elsevier Foundation has been a long-term supporter of the Gender Summits, supporting individual events over the years. This partnership will help provide continuity across the regional editions of the Summits and strengthen the work undertaken by the Gender Summits in knowledge production. It will formally and strategically build on the synergies between Elsevier and the Gender Summits. Photograph: Rachel Herbert of Elsevier spoke about Extracting STEM gender indicators from published sources at the GS9Eu.

25 November 2016

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